A First Look at Design and Usability Improvements on 1&1 Community (Update)

In the past 6 months we received a lot of feedback. Most was regarding content. Some was about design and the website itself…

Let’s put it this way: There were compliments, occasionally.

We knew 6 month ago that we wanted to bring you relevant content, which would actually help you with your web-projects and maybe even inspire you to try some new things.
So we put most of our resources in content first.

Update Feb. 25: We have reduced the weight of many elements once more to put a even stronger focus on content and accessibility. Please let us know what you think about it.

Now it is time to make this content more accessible

We start with some simple face-lifting but we are also working hard to make widgets and category pages smarter and more context aware.

We will release many small improvements in the next weeks. The highlights so far:

  • Our teaser element is now interactive and features content dynamically.
  • We want you to discover our content via search, that’s why we put it front and center on the front page.
  • Widgets now show dynamic, context aware content based on categories, difficulty, page type and much more…
  • Article view has received some improvements:
    • Text width has been reduced for better readability
    • Images, videos and graphics now have more room to shine (wide-aspect-ratio)
    • We now use content templates to communicate certain information, making it easier for you to access, scan and find content that is important for you
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