Celebrating 10 years of Joomla!

Long ago, on the 17th of August in 2005,  the WCMS “Mambo” was forked in something new: Joomla! In just ten years, thanks to the hard work, passion and of course love to Joomla! the community behind it, Joomla! raised to one of the best solutions in web design and publishing these days.

It all started with a letter to the community which was posted by the former core developers of mambo. On the 17th of august Andrew “Masterchief” Eddie announced that they will leave the mambo foundation and make the project more community driven.

Just some days later on the 1st of September 2005 Brian Teeman announced the official name “Joomla!” and launched the website http://joomla.org/.

Two weeks later the big day has come: The Community released the first official Joomla! Version 1.0. You still can find the announcement on the website.
More information about the history and how the version 1.0 evolved to the Joomla! we now know, can you find out on www.spreadthejoomlalove.com. There you can also find story from Joomlers all over the world.

I want to say ‘Thank you’ once more to all the contributors and the community for this awesome software. Let’s keep going and make Joomla! even better for the next decade.

– Lucas

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