How to fix plugin issues after updating to WordPress 4.5

Possible reason is a change in the WordPress Core, that a PHP function is not available any more and causes a “white page” when the website / WordPress is opened.

Even the WP-Admin Interface could not work anymore.

This function get_currentuserinfo() (  is used by some plugins & themes like

  • ”Layerslider Plugin”
  • “VisualBuilder”
  • “Cache-Enabler Plugin from Key-CDN”
  • “W3 Total Cache“
  • „WP Rocket“

Also the javascript library jQuery was updated in the new WordPress Version – which could also cause problems with older themes

As long there’s no update of the “problematic” plugins & themes, the only quick fix is to deactivate  the plugin, switch the theme or downgrade WordPress to 4.4.2

Due the fact that  in the most cases wp-admin is also broken the update of plugins is difficult we recommend the wp-cli tool, which is installed on all our Web-Hosting Servers by default.

Update or deactive plugins with the wp-cli

To use the wp-cli tool, connect to your webspace via SSH and use the following code snippet:

cd <path-to-the-wordpress-installation>
wp plugin update –all

If your wp-admin is still not reachable you may have to deactive some plugins. If you are still connected via ssh use this code snippet:

wp plugin deactivate <plugin-name>

To find out the right name of the plugin you can use the following command which returns you all installed plugins and marks the active ones:

wp plugin status



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