How to Use WordPress Categories and Tags

In the first part of this tutorial you have learned how to create a blog post with WordPress. Part two introduces the extended features of the editor.

Assigning Categories

Categories help your visitors to find posts focusing on the same topic more easily.

  1. To assign a category to your post, check the box next to the desired category. You can also assign multiple categories.
  2. To add a new category, click the +Add New Category link.

Worth knowing: You need administrator rights to add new categories.

Assigning Tags

Tags describe the content of a post in more detail. This allows a finer sorting than the categories mentioned above.

  1. Add an unlimited number of tags to your post in the Tags box.
  2. Separate the tags with commas.
  3. Click the Choose from the most used tags link and open the tag cloud.


  1. Click on a tag to add it to the post.
  2. To remove a tag, click on the small X next to it.


To make your changes visible for your visitors, click Update in the Publish box.
If you have not published your post yet, save your changes by clicking the Save Draft button.


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