How to Create a WordPress Post

The web content management system WordPress is the ideal solution to create an own weblog (short: blog). WordPress offers two editing modes:

1. Visual Editor – a WYSIWYG editor (“What You See Is What You Get”).

2. HTML Editor – Allows you to add HTML code to your text.

This tutorial covers the visual editor only. It works pretty much like a text processing program such as Microsoft Word for example.

The First Blog Post

1. Click Posts on the WordPress Dashboard.

2. You will see an overview of all existing posts.

3. Click Add New to access the editor.

4. Fill in your heading in the field displaying “Enter title here”.

The post is created in the text box below.


Formatting Text

The Formatting toolbar is available at the top of the text box. You can choose between the following options:

  1. Highlight selected text bold
  2. Highlight selected text italic
  3. Strikethrough selected text
  4. Create a bulleted list
  5. Create a numbered list
  6. Mark selected text as a quotation
  7. Align text left
  8. Center text
  9. Align text right
  10. Insert a hyperlink
  11. Insert “Continue reading” link
  12. Open editor in “full screen” mode
  13. Show extended toolbar

Enable the extended toolbar for further options:

  1. Formatting styles
  2. Underline selected text
  3. Full alignment
  4. Color selected text
  5. Insert unformatted text
  6. Insert text from Word
  7. Remove formatting
  8. Insert custom characters
  9. Outdent text
  10. Indent text
  11. Undo last step
  12. Redo last step
  13. Open WordPress help

Publishing Changes

  1. Click the Save Draft button in the Publish box. Your changes have been saved.
  2. Click the Preview button. A new browser window with a preview of your post will open.
  3. Click the Publish button when you are satisfied with the changes to your post.

tutorial-wordpress-edit-post-publishYour post is now available for all visitors to your website.

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