A Brief Introduction to the 1&1 Control Panel

Adjust all settings of your contract in the 1&1 Control Panel .

You can also order new domains, tools and features here.

Depending on your contract, the following sections are available. For example:

  • Domains: You can edit your domains and subdomains here. All important settings can be accessed via the menu bar.
  • My Data: Address, payment details, password and other settings.
  • MyWebsite: Everything about your 1&1 MyWebsite. 1&1 Social Share and 1&1 Social Page Manager. Statistics with 1&1 SiteAnalytics.
  • Communication: Set up e-mail accounts, manage online storage, manage e-mail users, 1&1 MailXchange, SSL settings for your mailbox.
  • eCommerce Solutions: 1&1 SEO Ready Service, 1&1 Search Engine Marketing Service, 1&1 ListLocal Service and more.


Control Panel Overview

Use the links within the tiles to adjust the desired settings.

For example: Domains > Domain Center

Control Panel Domain Section

You can also access the most important settings from the top menu.

When selecting Domains in the top menu, it will look like this:


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