Turn Great Ideas Into Internet Success Stories with 1&1 Website Builder

1&1 Website Builder (available in many 1&1 Web Hosting contracts) allows you to set up smaller web projects with up to 5 pages in just a few hours.

High-quality layouts, customizable styles and intuitive design with drag & drop let you quickly try out different ideas and adjust your website to your needs.

For 1&1 customers
The 1&1 Website Builder is available in most 1&1 Web Hosting contracts. Make use of your domain, storage space, SiteAnalytics and many other features with the new 1&1 Website Builder. Create a website now


This article briefly introduces the 1&1 Website Builder editor.

The editor at a glance

You can create pages, add content and adjust the layout and style in the editor.

Elements are the modules you can use to build your website. Most of the elements can be edited and adjusted inline with just one click. All your adjustments are saved in a change log to enable you to easily undo your changes during a session.

The toolbar contains a smart search helping you to quickly access apps, elements and help topics. Give it a try!


Choosing your layout

Layouts allow you to change the design of your website. They contain colors, fonts and background images that you can customize in the Style section.

  • Use the search filter to quickly find the perfect layout.
  • Use the favorites and the history to go back to your favorite and already used layouts.


Adjusting the style

Modern layouts support responsive design for all devices and offer many settings options. You can easily adjust colors, fonts and the background of your active layout.

  • With font schemes, you can customize all text elements of your website with just one click. These schemes match perfectly and as a result your texts, headings and links match perfectly as well and are easy to read.
  • With color schemes, you can customize all sections of your website with just one click. The colors of these schemes match perfectly.
  • Choose a background image for your website from the recommendations and the many patterns or upload your own image.

Managing pages and adding new pages

Adding, organizing and hiding pages and suitable page templates for your industry.

  • Change the page structure with drag & drop.
  • Add smart page templates. Many pages are optimized for your industry and contain suitable elements and placeholder texts.
  • Change the page details and optimize your website for search engines (SEO).


Managing and editing images

Manage your own and high-quality archive images in one central place. Add images to galleries and insert image elements into your website.

  • You can upload your own images, edit them and manage them in folders. You can use these images anywhere on your website.
  • The Images area is context-sensitive. Depending on the element, there are different functions available. For galleries, for instance, you can comfortably insert multiple images.

Editing images

Adjust many image settings, and use professional filters and effects to make the most of your images. The most important features at a glance:

  • Basics: Crop, orientation, brightness
  • Adjustments: Warmth and saturation
  • Sharpness: Many images look even better with a slight increase in sharpness.
  • Effects: Use filters to give your images an impressive professional look.
  • Frames: Select a frame for your image.
  • Fix: Use the Blemish tool to remove small faults.


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6 thoughts on “Turn Great Ideas Into Internet Success Stories with 1&1 Website Builder

  1. Stephen King says:

    With website builder PRO can I create a new project and use website builder pro to create a site using sub-domains or with a new project do I have to purchase another full domain name?

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Stephen,

      the Website Builder (Pro) is a “1 web project per contract” tool. If you want to you create more than 1 website, you can simply order a second (or third, or..) contract.

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  2. Dariusz says:

    After about 2 hours work the website builder service stops working. I can’t add nothing 🙁 Restart help only sometimes but even if help only on the 15-20 min.

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Dariusz,

      might be the big video (YouTube) header you are using. Depending on the power of your PC this continuously playing video can take to much ressources from your system so that everything you try to do freezes after a while.

      I would recommend to not only restart the website builder editor but your whole computer when this happens again. Additionally, i would try to close things/apps in the background to save some ressources from the beginning.

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  3. I want to create a web site with photo galleries and video content BUT I would like this accessible only to the people I give access to.

    Is this possible with 1&1 or do I need a more sophisticated package ?

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Michael,
      according to which software you want to use, make sure if there is a role based permisson system. So you can create users and only grant them to visit your content.

      Alternative is to create a password protection, which is completley independend of the software you are using. This is how it works:

      Martin, 1&1

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