1&1 Extended Support for PHP

The PHP Community currently supports 2 PHP versions: 5.6 and 7. It provides active support for all versions for 2 years and another year of limited support (security updates only). Older PHP versions do no longer receive security updates and bugfixes.

For everyone who wants to or needs to use older PHP versions after security support by the PHP Community expires, 1&1 offers the PHP Extended Support, currently for PHP 4 , PHP 5.2, PHP 5.4 and PHP 5.5. We recommend you always use the latest, stable PHP version, but we are aware of the fact that switching PHP versions always takes some time and preparation (script testing, dependencies with certain applications etc.).

Update on PHP 5.6, May 2016
Good news for PHP 5.6 users: The final PHP 5 release will receive additional active support for 4 month and 12 month of additional security support. The security support for PHP 5.6 ends 31 Dec 2018.

PHP Extended Support at a glance:


For this reason, our 1&1 Extended Support aims to provide you with interruption-free operation until the switch to an up-to-date PHP version.

Once support through the PHP community ends, 1&1 Extended Support for PHP is avaiable immediately. This is the preliminary planning for the 1&1 Extended Support. We are in close consultation with the PHP Community about this and therefore reserve the right to make changes to it:

php-extended-support-timetable-en-05-2016PHP versions and support by PHP Community:

  • PHP 4: no longer supported by PHP Community
    1&1 Extended Support available
  • PHP 5.2: no longer supported by PHP Community
    1&1 Extended Support available
  • PHP 5.4: no longer supported by PHP Community
    1&1 Extended Support available
  • PHP 5.5: no longer supported by PHP Community (since July 21st)
    1&1 Extended Support available
  • PHP 5.6: support expected to end on Dezember 31, 2018
  • PHP 7: support expected to end on Dezember 03, 2018

Compare the support periods

PHP Community Support: These versions are actively supported by the PHP Community. Bugs and security vulnerabilities are fixed and there are minor releases on a regular basis.

Limited PHP Community Support: Only security-relevant bugs are fixed.

More information on the supported vesions on

1&1 Extended Support: Some PHP versions that are no longer supported by the PHP Community get the 1&1 Extended Support.

  • We are charging a small fee for 1&1 Extended Support
  • There is no contract term
  • You can switch to an up-to-date PHP version at any time if you don’t or no longer want to use the 1&1 Extended Support.
  • We are always informing you via e-mail in due time before your PHP version enters the 1&1 Extended Support.

1&1 extends short support times by the PHP Community

Due to the relatively short support times by the PHP Community, we at 1&1 had to decide for one of the following approaches:

  • Extended Support for older PHP versions by 1&1

    • Extended support and smoother switch to new PHP versions
    • Optional offer without a contract term
  • No longer offer PHP versions without Community support

    • Traceability / transparency
    • We would actually “walk out on” some users which is not our way of doing things.

We definitely see the 1&1 Extended Support as the best solution for the majority of our users.

However, 1&1 recommends to always use an up-to-date and established PHP version. For example, after the release of PHP 7 still PHP 5.6 for a transition period. These versions offer a good mix of application support, reliability, performance, security and features.

Benefits of switching to the latest PHP version

Switching to the latest PHP version can significantly improve the performance of your website. Take WordPress as an example: With PHP 7 + OpCache, WordPress websites run more than twice as fast as with PHP 5.6.

Switching PHP versions


You can check and adjust your PHP Settings easily. Simply Log in with your login credentials and select the desired contract.
Customers outside the US: please log in via your local 1&1 website. For example: (Canada), (Spain), (France)…Open PHP settings in 1&1 Control Panel (US customers)

  • You are now in the PHP Settings section. The overview shows your domains and the active PHP version.
  • Activate the check boxes next to the desired domains.
  • Click Change PHP version.
    You can now choose between different PHP versions.
  • Choose your version and click Use PHP [version number].
    Changing the PHP version usually only takes a couple of seconds or up to one minute. We recommend to test your scripts after the switch.
    Tip: You can undo the PHP version switch at any time.

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19 thoughts on “1&1 Extended Support for PHP

  1. Milena says:

    Just a note:

    The link “Open PHP settings in 1&1 Control Panel” is not good for Canadian users.

    Anyway, I signed in from 1& and followed the instructions.

    1. Philipp Bellmann says:

      Hello Milena,

      that is a current limitation, thanks for pointing it out. I updated the article.


  2. Lorenzo says:

    Will the change of PHP version (to 5.5 or higher) automatically cancel the extended support charge or should I cancel it somewhere?

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Lorenzo,

      to cancel PHP Extended Support please visit

      After login you should cancel it as an additional item:

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

      1. 1and1 Customer says:

        PHP Extended Support does not show up as an additional item for me when using cancellation link above. I want to cancel this. This has been automatically billing unnecessarily for months now.
        What do we need to do in order to cancel?
        Also, do we have to select a PHP version for every domain before being able to cancel? Most of mine do not have any version selected by default.

        1. Brittany Reilly says:


          Thanks for your question! In your case, the PHP Extended Support option was already deactivated in November 2014 so that would be why you are having difficulty finding this in the cancellation tool. 😉 I apologize for any confusion. If you have further questions regarding this, please feel free to email me directly at Thanks so much!


  3. Alex Kitchener says:

    How do customers sign up for extended PHP support? Thanks

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Alex,

      thanks for reaching out to us.

      PHP Extended Support is not a feature to order actively in the control panel. If you are using one of the mentioned end-of-life PHP versions in your PHP settings for some of your domains, we will contact you via email. If you are not going to change your PHP version to a current one, we will activate the Extended Support automatically for you after a specific time frame.

      Best regards,
      Michael, 1&1

  4. Cosimo says:

    Hi, I’ve seen that in the Hosting Unlimited the command line version of php is stuck at version 5.5.30 while the web version is 5.6. This can cause problems if I develop in 5.6 and try to run it from command line.
    How can I upgrade to 5.6 the command-line version? Thanks

  5. Occhiovivo says:

    Bonjour je vous Ă©cris parce que j’a rencontre un problĂšme avec mon site. Je voudrais savoir comme rĂ©parer mon site internet du problĂšme suivant: quand j’Ă©cris mon article web ou photographie je retrouve dans l’administration mon article enregistrĂ© dĂ©sordonnĂ©, le file est enregistrĂ© du cĂŽtĂ© de desc et viceversa. Le titre ne s’affiche pas par entier dans la page administration du site, lĂ  ou on Ă©crit les articles, le prix ne s’affiche pas noplus, et le texte noplus. Que dois-je faire? Merci. Cordialement.

    1. 1and1assistance says:

      Bonjour Occhiovivo,

      Nous vous remercions pour votre message.

      Nous aurons besoin de plus d’informations pour vous aider Ă  rĂ©soudre ce problĂšme. Nous vous invitons Ă  nous fournir votre numĂ©ro client soit par mail Ă ou sur les rĂ©seaux sociaux par DM (twitter) ou message privĂ© (Facebook).


      Alex, 1&1

  6. Ryan Trunten says:

    I have a WordPress blog and a couple of Coppermine Photo Galleries on a couple of domains with my hosting with you. WordPress seems to take whatever PHP version I change to, however, Coppermine doesn’t seem to like 7 and will give errors when I go to the gallery site, so I’ve decided to set my PHP versions to 5.6 for all of my domains. Should I expect to have to be charged extra multiple times per month now? Or should I plan ahead and be safe and just keep a working version set for the domains with the photo galleries? I’d only need to keep at least 5.6 on 2 domains, although you recommend 5.6 currently, so, I guess the extended support and charges are for below?

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Ryan,

      for now, the PHP Extended Support is only for 5.4 and lower.

      As you can see in our chart at the top of this article, the next version will be PHP 5.5. We are planing to have it free of charge until the beginning of next year (2017). A year later PHP 5.6 will be charged for the first time.

      So, for now, you are good to go with PHP 5.6 for free for quite a time. 🙂

      Michael, 1&1

  7. Rob says:

    I received an email saying ‘Welcome to 1&1 Extended Support for PHP’ which stated that I would be charged for extended support for PHP 5.4 starting in May. If I move all my domains and sub-domains to PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.0, will the charges be automatically cancelled? Or is there something I have to do to prevent these charges? I couldn’t see any additional items in my package, and the link doesn’t work because I’m in the UK.

    1. 1and1help says:

      Hi Rob,

      if you move all your domains and subdomains to PHP 5.6 and/or PHP 7, the PHP 5.4 Extended Support option will not be activated at all for your contract id.

      We would activate this option for you in May if you wouldn’t do the move. So at the moment it’s pretty normal that you cannot see it as an additional item.

      Michael, 1&1

  8. Katy says:

    Most of our domains do not have a PHP version set. Does this mean one has ot be set or can it be left as it is, in order to avoid entering into the extended support agreement?

  9. bikeman says:

    I can’t see any pricing?

    Also it’s not clear whether just temporarily enabling php 5.4 or lower temporarily (for perhaps an hour for testing) would incur the extended support cost for the entire billing period.

    What ‘support’ are 1and1 actually providing to justify this cost?

  10. Michelle says:

    There are a number of entries in in the PHP Settings window. I changed the version for my domain,, but what about and the listings? and the autodiscover? Do I have to do something there?

  11. What can possibly happen if the PHP Extended Support cancelled? And as a layman who has no idea what these means to cancel PHP Extended Support…how can you advise me?
    Rev. P B Adams

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