1&1 App Center: Create awesome websites. In minutes.

In the 1&1 App Center, you create new websites with the best applications for blogs, wikis, eShops and more. The 1&1 App Center is there to help you quickly and easily find the right solution for your website, and then safely and easily install and manage it.

That means that, no matter whether you want to use WordPress or another application to create your website, you can find and install it in the 1&1 App Center with just a few clicks.


This saves you the trouble of manual installation using an FTP upload, and you automatically use an up-to-date, safe version of your application tested by our team. After installation using the 1&1 App Center, you can simply use your website as if you had installed it yourself.

Finding the right application

In addition to WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal are great alternatives for blogs and conventional websites that offer important advantages in certain situations. For eShops, there are specialized content management systems such as PrestaShop or Magento. If you want to share your knowledge with others in a wiki, MediaWiki or TikiWiki is a good choice for you. If you want to exchange ideas with an MMO guild in a forum, a classic like phpBB will help you more than an all-rounder like WordPress. Moodle is the best solution for setting up a learning platform.

In short, there is no one perfect application for your website – the application you choose depends on your planned project, your abilities and the time available.

Creating websites in the 1&1 App Center

The 1&1 App Center provides all the important applications in one place. Categories, filters and recommendations from our team help you to pick the best application for your planned project.

Our wizard will help you until your website is set up:


In the 1&1 App Center, you can open your websites and access the admin area to create content and edit your website. From anywhere.


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