WordPress 4.2 “Powell”

Update April 24, 2015: WordPress 4.2 Powell was just released. Enjoy! Here are the most important WordPress 4.2 features: Improved Content Sharing, Emoji Support, Switching Themes in Customizer, Tumblr.com and Kickstarter Embedding Read more

A quick look at SSL and SSL-Certificates

The SSL Protocol is a transfer protocol used to authenticate and encrypt Internet connections. The protocol identifies the Internet page and warrants that the data cannot be read or changed during the transfer. This is particularly important for the ... Read more

WordPress 4.1.2 Security Update Released

Wordpress 4.1.2 was released a few hours ago with a focus on fixing a critical cross site scripting vulnerability. This vulnerability affects WordPress Versions 4.1.1 and lower and might allow anonymous users to compromise a website. Please update your WordPress installation ... Read more